Pink is the color of the millennium and of power: that’s why stars wear it

Laura Pausini he wore it several times during the prime time of‘Eurovision and the Queen Elizabeth, who has accustomed his subjects to pastel shades, loves him. The pink it is a color that is going out of fashion and that is increasingly worn by celebrities regardless of gender. A not insignificant change if we consider that until recently it was stereotyped and the exclusive prerogative of women; but what does this color indicate? According to studies he has gods psychological benefits.

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Male characters of the show like Jason Momoa, Timotheé Chamalet, Justin Bieber and Harry Stylies they chose it for the red carpet and on the catwalk it is catching on Hot Pink, a brighter shade that positively correlates with our power. Pink is therefore seen in a new light and is no longer the color of doll girls.

The wearer has self-confidence and wants to stand out, as The Telegraph points out. All the stars who have worn this color, from Kate Middleton to Gigi Hadid And Chiara Ferragnipassing through Zendaya to Dua Lipa they are in step with the times and want to transmit their energy. Hot Pink, therefore, is the new Millennial Pink.

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