Pete’s fans call Kim Kardashian a “controller” after seeing this video

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

Another day, another drama for kim kardashian. The businesswoman, who recently raised blisters when she proudly admitted during the red carpet of the Met Gala that she had lost seven kilos in three weeks to be able to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress, is once again in the eye of the hurricane. In this case, due to a commented attitude that she has had with her boyfriend, Peter Davidson. Gesture that was made public thanks to a video uploaded to the Instagram profile @kardashiansocial where we can see the lovebirds during a ‘fitting’ of this one with the ‘look’ of Monroe a month before the event at the Met. During this meeting -where Kim appears brunette and with the famous dress-, Kardashian asks Davidson to take off his hat for the recording of the moment.

A comment that a priori could go unnoticed on the internet, but due to the well-known obsession with aesthetics on networks that Kardashian carries out, it ended up creating a debate in the comments section of the video. “Take off the second hat,” Kim politely orders her boyfriend, while he replies “I don’t know where to put it!”, “She’ll have it for you,” she replies, pointing to one of the assistants of she. “Keep her in case she comes in handy for some ‘behind-the-scenes’ material,” says Kim. “Oh, so you don’t want me to wear a double cap… thanks, I appreciate that.”, interjects Davidson with a comic touch. In the background, the Kardashian team laughs at the picture.

An experience similar to the one Kim lived with Kanye

In the end, Kardashian, with a shy voice -we assume that in order not to hurt her partner’s feelings- tells her “I do it because I take care of you”, to which he replies “it’s fine”, while giving the cap to someone from the team: “thanks, man, this cap is causing me problems”, he finished ironically. As mundane as this talk might seem — face it, what would you do if your partner showed up with two hats on? — it seems the internet hasn’t forgiven.

Some of the comments that can be read by fans of Pete and ‘haters’ of Kardashian pray “She’s controlling, she won’t let him be himself wearing two hats. Let him do it, Kim! This is all because of the aesthetics of his Instagram, in five months he will be a fixture”, “this passive-aggressive behavior is a total ‘red flag’. Instead of telling him that she doesn’t want him to show up like this, she tells him that she is taking care of him, he is controlling and selfish.” However, this whole matter of changing the aesthetics of the other is already something that we live in Kim’s sentimental life. As she has recognized herself, when she met Kanye West he made her throw out her entire wardrobe. “I always thought I had really good style, until I met my husband and he told me he had lousy style,” Kardashian recalled in 2018. “He was very nice about it and cleaned out my entire closet,” she concluded. Will the same thing be happening a decade later?

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