Pedro Infante’s Harley-Davidson that Sylvester Stallone tried to buy: PHOTOS

Harley Davidsonone of the most iconic motorcycle brands of all time It has marked history not only for its designs and the quality of its units, but also for being an important part of the history of thousands of celebrities who have shot on it.

Although this car is also a collector’s item, the brand has a unit that, due to its rarity, It is the holy grail of motorcyclists.It’s about the Harley-Davidson Panhead 1955, has a 55-FLE-5204 engine and who was its owner the Mexican idol Pedro Infante.

Artists have wanted to get their hands on this rare unit, including the legendary actor Rocky, Sylvester Stallone, who sought to acquire it in 2019 upon realizing that it had been the idol of the people of Mexico. However, the actor was left with the desire, since Gerardo Leal, current owner of the car, refused to sell it.

Current owner of the motorcycle reveals to more interested

Gerard Leal, current owner revealed that some time later another person was interested in buying the famous motorcyclethis time the Mexican Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of Grupo Salinas, Azteca Deportes among others, However, he met the same fate as Stalone, the offer was declined.

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Why have they shown interest in this motorcycle?

Personalities have shown their interest in obtaining this vehicle due to various factors, It is mainly because it belonged to the Mexican actor, who died tragically in a plane crash in 1957 and the other unique feature is that it is an old model of the Harley-Davidson.

Pedro Infante bought the motorcycle from a Harley-Davidson SA de CV branch, which was located on Bolívar Street, in the first establishment that the brand had in Mexico; It was owned by Benjamín Martín del Campo from Zacatecas, a partner and friend of Arthur Davidson.

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Pedro Infante’s passion: motorcycles

Due to the success of his movies, it led him to indulge one of his greatest pleasures in life, which was speed on board cars, but especially on motorcycles, however the Harley-Davidson Panhead 1955 He made it to the movies by appearing in the film “A todo Máquina” from 1951 and “Qué te ha esa mujer de 1951.

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Where is Pedro Infante’s motorcycle currently?

Gerardo Leal, current owner of Pedro Infante’s motorcycle, lives in Salamanca, Guanajuato; tells how he obtained this collector’s item and is that the Mexican bought it for 35 million pesos (of the old ones) from Commander Rafael Pliego, who received it as a birthday present from the same actor who gave life to “Pepe The bull”.

Leal mentioned that the vehicle did not start at the time he received it, in addition to the fact that it was not in optimal conditions to be driven safely, because it did not have brakes, the plates were dented, it had adaptations such as bicycle devils, this to be used in stunts, were some of the details that the unit had.

Currently the bike is fully restored with original parts.

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