Neymar goes to the spot, the goalkeeper goes to meet him to ask him a strange request: Please

During PSG’s last Ligue 1 match against Troyes, the visiting goalkeeper approached Neymar before he took a penalty kick: the cameras framed him confabulating with the Brazilian, who then laughed in his face.

The PSG is about to close a disappointing season – it is strange to say, given that we are talking about the team that became champion of France well in advance – in which the main objective of the very rich and munificent Qatari property, namely the Champions League. Not even the pharaonic transfer market last summer, with the arrivals of the various Messi, Hakimi, Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos and Wijnaldum managed to transform a club with little European history – if we exclude the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1996 – into a credible candidate for dictate the law in the continental field: the elimination in the second round against the noble Real Madrid contains within itself much more than the unfortunate duck of Donnarumma who gave the start to the sensational comeback of the unleashed Benzema and his teammates.

A Ligue 1 already won, the Parisian team last Sunday failed to go beyond the 2-2 home draw against the modest Troyes: in the lead of two goals thanks to the centers of Marquinhos and Neymar on a penalty, she was then caught up at the beginning of the second half and the result did not change until the end of the match. An unmemorable match, which nevertheless gave a very special moment on the occasion of the penalty made by the Brazilian: the cameras have in fact framed visiting goalkeeper Jessy Moulin approach Neymar before he put the ball on the spot to whisper a few words to him, receiving a laugh in return. The curtain went on for a few seconds, then the former Barcelona converted the penalty with an angled shot to the right of the 36-year-old goalkeeper.

But what did Moulin say to Neymar and what did the Brazilian say? It was the Troyes player himself who revealed it after the game: “I go up to him and say: ‘Do you know that if I save the penalty I’m a star?’ He laughs and I say to him, ‘Please, at least tell me which way you are going to throw. There are my mother, my father, my brothers, my wife watching and I wish they were proud of me ‘. Then he laughed and said to me: ‘Choose your side’. I replied: ‘You tell me’. He didn’t want to give me a clue, so I stayed in the middle. But he pulled it really well …“.

Napoli goes to the Champions League and rejoices (even for the millions): “Guess who’s back?”

I told myself that since we talked about the sides, he would place it in the middle and try to spoon me – he then explained – At the end of the season, PSG has nothing left to play, so why not. I have been in the middle for a long time but Neymar is too strong. He managed to change at the last moment, his penalties are truly incredibleMoulin further joked about the affair on his Instagram profile, posting a photo of his exchange with Neymar and three captions to choose from: “1) Which side are you going to shoot? 2) Where are we going this summer? 3) You don’t have 10 euros ???“. A safety achieved by his Troyes, the mood of the goalkeeper is evidently excellent.

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