NBA: Juancho Hernangmez’s subliminal madridista message in Adam Sandler’s film

ANDhe next June 8 opens ‘Hustle’, the film produced by Adam Sandler and LeBron James with Juancho Hernangmez as the protagonist. The eaves of Jazz plays a spanish player spotted by a scout for an NBA team and, at one point in the film, leaves a subliminal message with madridista overtones.

In the trailer that both Netflix and Sandler, who plays the talent scout, have released on social networks, Juancho can be seen from behind down a narrow alley carrying a Real Madrid backpack on his back. A striking detail when, given his limited participation in this course his name has been linked to the white team for the next season. He was pierced from Celtics to the spurs and from there to Jazz and in none of the three places did he find confidence in the form of playing minutes.

the eaves, madridista academy player and well-known fan of the club, has just finished the second year of his contract. He has a third, though it’s not guaranteed. He would earn $7.4 million, although they must be confirmed before June 30 by the team in which he plays. In the last games of the regular season he played at a good level taking advantage of a series of injuries in the Jazz and also had some minutes in the playoffs, where his team was eliminated by Luka Doncic’s Mavericks.

Coach Quin Snyder considers him a profitable player. Juancho’s future, which a few months ago pointed to a possible return to Europe, now seems to be closer to the United States… although, probably due to the demands of the script, he left Madridista messages in the film.

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