“My brain is broken”: Camila Cabello was afraid to talk about her mental health

UNITED STATES-. Camila Hair It’s the cover of the May issue Wondermindthe mental health organization of Selena Gomez, and both had a sincere conversation. During the interview with the co-founder, the “Don’t Go Yet” singer revealed the best mental health advice she’s ever received, and why she now feels more comfortable talking about her journey.

“In the moment, everything feels dizzying and overwhelming and like you’re on this ride thinking, ‘Just help me down.’ In my opinion, it’s a loop, like obsessive-compulsive stuff,” he said. Hair about his anxiety, explaining that it also affects his physical state. “On my body, it’s a tightness, almost like I can’t move, like my hands are tied and everything is tied.”

Hair she also recalled when she felt too embarrassed to talk about her mental health. “I felt really anxious even talking about those things because I think before I went on that journey I was almost scared of being found out, like, ‘This is weird, my brain is broken, this is not normal,’” she said. the artist. However, the young woman decided to open up about it due to the stigma surrounding therapy and medication.

Camila Cabello found her salvation in therapy

“I feel like the stigma exists even more in older generations. The stigma around saying you need help is something that frustrates me because sometimes people can be like, ‘No, I don’t need that, I just need time off,’ or whatever. Obviously that’s valid, but just because you’re in therapy doesn’t mean something is more wrong with you than other people.” Hair.

“We all have things we could work on, we all have tools we could learn, and it doesn’t mean you’re crazy or sick,” he added. Hair. The singer decided that her best option was to validate her emotions: “The best mental health advice I’ve ever received is that faking it is the worst thing for my health. Telling the truth and being vulnerable and talking about it is basically what my therapist tells me every session.”

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