Mother’s Day: These are 5 celebrities who became moms in the last year

This year the lives of some celebrities turned upside down after they made their wishes come true to be mothers, some of them debuted by welcoming the stork, so it will be the first Mother’s Day celebration in a new facet that they fully enjoy.

We tell you about influencers, singers and actresses who this year enlarged their family. Although there were those who preferred to keep their pregnancy away from the media, others opted to share every detail before and after, also talking to their followers about the challenges.

Here the celebrities who became mothers
In the last twelve months, some members of the entertainment industry have seen their bodies grow. Others, like Rihanna or Britney Spears, will do so in the coming weeks.

On September 29, the makeup youtuber and the singer Siddharta announced the birth of Mar, their firstborn. Over the months she has talked about the changes in her body and even the pain and injuries from breastfeeding, as well as the day-to-day learnings such as the change in her diet.

Eva Luna
Ricardo Montaner’s daughter recently became the mother of Indigo, a girl from her marriage to Colombian Camilo, who showed moments of natural childbirth in water through her social networks.

Natalia Tellez
The host and actress introduced Emilia last February, but although she has shared different moments, she also confessed that the first nights she panicked about responsibility, making the difficult moments of the process visible.

Jennifer Lawrence
Although the world learned of her pregnancy from photos while walking with her partner Cooke Maroney, it was in the promotion of the Netflix film, Don’t Look Up, that Lawrence publicly showed her advanced pregnancy. In February he welcomed his baby girl in Los Angeles.

Mon Laferte
Joel is the name chosen by the Chilean singer for her firstborn. Laferte has shared this happy experience for her life, although she is also demanding that she usually is, although she assured that she did not care about the cares or having time to get ready to pose as a new mother.

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