Morbius, Uncharted and more premieres among the highlights of May on Movistar TV App

Lima.- The most recent releases arrive at your home through the Movistar TV App. Crazy musicals, horror, movies based on comics and video games and the best of national cinema will go into rotation in May, at no additional cost or through the modality of rent.

This month enjoy:

Morbius (Action)

Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Letto), who has suffered from a degenerative disease since childhood, develops a cure through a serum based on the blood of a rare species of bat. He will soon discover that this treatment gives him unimaginable powers, but also a thirst for human blood that he must quench at all costs. Now available at S / 15.90

Uncharted: Off the Map (Adventures)

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is an elusive thief and adventurer who teams up with Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to find his brother and an incredible treasure waiting to be discovered. Based on the successful PlayStation video game franchise. Now available at S / 15.90

Sing 2: Come and Sing Again (Musical)

Producer Buster Moon and his gang are back with a new musical show. And for this to be a success he must convince an elusive rock star recluse to join the show. Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton and the vocalist of the band U2, Bono, participate. Now available at S / 10.90

Ummah (Terror)

Amanda (Sandra Oh) is a Korean immigrant who lives on a farm, far from modern technology. Upon receiving the ashes of her deceased mother, a supernatural entity will want to possess it from her and at the same time will remind her of the terrible abuse that she was a victim of in her childhood. Now available at S / 10.90

The Scared Tit (Drama)

Fausta (Magaly Solier) is a young woman who, according to her beliefs, suffers from a strange fictional disease that transmits fear and suffering from mothers to children through breast milk. Now the sudden death of her mother (Anita Chaquiri) will force her to face her fears and the secret that she keeps inside her. Now available at no additional cost.

Madeinusa (Drama)

A young man from Lima, Salvador (Carlos de la Torre), arrives in a town in the Peruvian Andes during Holy Week. It follows a tradition according to which, during Holy Time, nothing is considered sin. During his stay in the town, Salvador meets Madeinusa (Magaly Solier) and they strike up a relationship that arouses resentment among the young woman’s relatives. Now available at no additional cost.

All these productions and many more that are added to the catalog month after month are available on the Movistar TV App. The Movistar TV App is a multiplatform at no additional cost for all Movistar customers that offers a wide catalog of national and international movies and series. TV service customers can also access live channels through the Movistar TV App from any device.

If you have not yet registered in the Movistar TV App, you can do so by going to, indicating the service you have contracted. To view the content from a smartphone, tablet or smart TV you will need to download the Movistar TV app from Google Play, App Store and App Gallery. In the case of wanting to access from a laptop or PC, you must enter

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