Mike Chioda reveals another strange Vince McMahon ‘mania’

Vince McMahon He is considered by many to be a genius, but he also has a somewhat peculiar personality. Over time, some of his habits and hobbies have been revealed, such as not supporting people sneezing or playing many pranks in the locker room. In the last few hours we have learned of another.

Mike Chioda, former WWE referee, revealed on his podcast Monday Mailbag a story in which the WWE chairman was involved. According to Chioda, Vince McMahon hates when people sleep and it was customary to play pranks behind the scenes on people who wanted to have a break. On one occasion, the prank was expensive because it gave an employee a concussion.

“Vince hated to see people sleep. There was a guy who was carrying the camera that I love very much. I remember that Vince McMahon told me: ‘hey, cut his hammock’. I remember I got on that thing because he had his hammock to rest on, and I cut off the top of his head with scissors. When he lay down to rest, his head went straight to the steel. He suffered a concussion. I felt really bad, I got shot in the butt. We stopped in Ramstein, Germany, because we always did, and I remember he had to go to the hospital there and he came home. I remember I apologized and called him.”

Vince McMahon has revealed on several occasions that he barely sleeps. The WWE chairman revealed that habit in 2014. “I don’t like to sleep. I sleep an average of 4 hours. If I sleep, I may be missing something, “he revealed. Some people close to him have always shown their amazement at the hours awake that Vince McMahon can endure.

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