Maverick and invites us to take to the skies like Tom Cruise in the movie

Although this expansion suffered a delay, the Asobo Studio team has organized to launch it alongside the film.

Any fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator will have seen the iconic film from top gun, an essential experience for all aviation lovers. Now, Tom Cruise returns to the academy of pilots with Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel that is scheduled to be released on May 27, and will do so together with a DLC of Flight Simulator in which we are invited to take to the skies as the renowned actor.

Top Gun: Maverick DLC will be released on May 25Although this expansion suffered a delay, Asobo Studio has organized to publish it days before the premiere of the film. In this way, Xbox proposes us to get on the plane with a tweet indicating the final release date: 25 of May. Therefore, we will have the opportunity to enjoy unpublished content for Flight Simulator and, a few days later, visit the cinema to see Tom Cruise again on screen.

The DLC will arrive soon free to the title of Asobo Studio and will integrate different innovations so that the player feels like a true pilot of the US Navy. In this sense, the developers have already confirmed the inclusion of various jets from the movieincluding the fighter that Maverick (Tom Cruise) pilots, and aircraft carrier that will serve as launch pads.

Flight Simulator continues to show that it wants to position itself as the greatest reference in terms of aviation video games, so it is not surprising that it continues to expand its experience with updates that take us to Spain and Portugal. In addition, the Asobo Studio team has more plans on the horizon and, as he taught in his roadmap, he intends to launch more patches that invite us to fly with his planes.

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