Kylie Jenner supports the controversial return of thin eyebrows

Kylie Jenner

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    Dear fellow ‘millennial’, we know what you are thinking and no, we are not ‘ok’ with this news either. As many predicted, 2022 makeup trends have more to do with the 90s and 2000s than with the powerful era of 2016/17. With everything it implies. Draping blush, brown lips, color-block eyeshadow and, yes, too the controversial return of thin eyebrows. Turn that, to our surprise, Kylie Jenner seems to support or, at least, conveys it in the photos of his latest campaign for Kylie Cosmetics.

    We knew that fashion icons whose style is based on a constant ‘revival’ of the 90s and 2000s, such as Bella Hadid, have been warning us for some time that eyebrow trends 2022 not everyone was going to like it but we confess that we did not expect this from Miss Jenner. We repeat… We are not ‘ok’.

    Kylie Jenner brings back the thin eyebrows in the style of the 90s

    If it was hard for us to assimilate that Kendall Jenner succumbed to the “charms” of eyebrow discoloration, imagine our face when we saw this photo of her little sister. The truth is that we prefer a trillion times before eyebrows trend they are thick or ‘Lion Mane’ style, but the boss has spoken and deserves to be heard.

    Despite the fact that what is most striking about this campaign photo are Kylie Jenner’s thin eyebrows, is not what she came to tell us. The businesswoman was thus promoting the launch of two new eyeshadow palettes, when what we want to know is if she is really at the top of her game. controversial trend of the 90s. Controversial for the ‘millennials’, of course, because generation Z has accepted it with pleasure. For proof, our dear Bella Hadidwhich is the undisputed reference in terms of ‘retro’ fashion and which proudly wears his fine eyebrows for years.

    bella hadid

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