Kylie Jenner fans think her daughter Stormi is a STAR after 4-year-old appeared in Kylie Baby’s adorable new ad

KYLIE Jenner posted a video in which fans claim daughter Stormi is a star.

The video was shot as an advertisement for the reality star Kylie Baby’s line of self-care cosmetics.

Four-year-old Stormi is showing off her hair washing routine with the help of her mom


The Instagram post, titled “HAIR WASH DAY, shows Stormi, four, with the help of mom Kylie, 24, cleaning her hair.

The camera first focuses on a set of Kylie Baby shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.

She then focuses on the video star as the four-year-old washes, rinses, and conditions her hair.

Stormi first adds the bubble bath to the running water in the bathroom, then lies down in the foam-filled tub to enjoy her work.

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Kylie fans think it is

Wear a pastel colored swimsuit, paired with the blues and pinks of the shampoo bottles.

It is therefore time to wash. while little Stormi rubs the shampoo into her long curly hair.

Rinse off then repeat the routine, this time with conditioner.

Mom Kylie assists with the second rinse cycle as a mother’s accuracy is required to complete that part of the job.

The video ends with Kylie brushing her daughter’s hair and showing the final wash product.

The final shot is by Stormi, all clean and happily dried in her towel.

Kylie fans rushed to the comments section to praise the star of the announcement.

One fan wrote: “Watching Stormi wash his hair is too precious.”

Another exclaimed “omgg flocks I love you” followed by a line of heart eyes emojis.

A third added: “Omg stormi is the cutest !!!”

While a follower asked: “How can a person be so beautiful?”


While Stormi made his small screen debut, he was Kylie’s second child to get fans talking on Mother’s Day.

Fans believe Kylie, who shares daughter Stormi and a newborn son named unknown with rapper Travis Scott, 31, may have just revealed her son’s name in a revealing Mother’s Day video.

na Mother’s Day Tribute, the E! alum shared a sweet montage of moments with her two children.

She held her son’s small hand and stroked his fingers during a tender moment in the clip.

The video also showed an ultrasound of her son and his stomach moving as he kicked when she was pregnant.

Kylie Cosmetics founder captioned the post: “Every day should be Mother’s Day. Thank God for my two beautiful blessings ”.

She set the lullaby video, To Our Daughter, by artist My Best Friend Jacob.

Her fans flooded the comments to beg the star to reveal her son’s new name.

One asked: “So what’s your name now?” and another added: “Give the people what they want Kylie! What is your name? “

Kylie revealed earlier this year that she and Travis changed their son’s name from Wolf because they felt he didn’t “look like him.”

Reddit users, however, think they have cracked the code, believing the young mom named her second son Jacob.

After a user posted the video on the platform, several eagle-eyed fans intervened with their theories about the baby’s moniker.

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One person asked: “Could the baby’s name be Jacob ??????”

While another confidently wrote, “Babies Called Jacob,” theorising Kylie’s choice of song alluded to the 3-month-old baby’s name.

Rinse and repeat.  Stormi shows that she is a big girl as she washes her hair


Kylie made sure to feature her KYLIE BABY products in the video


Record artist Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi Webster


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