Kim Kardashian wore another Marilyn Monroe dress and this one did close!

To finish off his participation in the fashion event of the year, that is, the gala at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, with a touch of style, kim kardashian shared new images with another outfit of the unforgettable Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe and this one did fit her curves without much effort.

It was no longer a gold one but a bottle green that was just as seductive and delicate. We refer to another design that the diva shared on her networks and that she wore after the gala for a party and that she showed off in her hotel room.

Instagram/@Kim Kardashian

We refer to the suit known as Norell that the Monroe wore in 1962 for the Golden Globe Awards in which she received the Henrietta Award for Film Favorite.

Earl Leaf/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In his obsession with the star of Gentlemen prefer blondesWhile searching for her unforgettable designs, Kardashian found that the auction house Heritage Auctions was the owner of this memorable suit.

He also confessed that in his search for the famous golden Jean Louis suit with which the sensual blonde sang the Happy Birthday Mr President a John F. Kennedy discovered that the owner of the Golden Globe that the actress received at that event in 1962 had his great friend the florist jeff leatham.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

“This was a sign that the stars were aligned for me,” said Kim, calling this coincidence “A unique opportunity to invoke and honor the Marilyn that lives in me.” In her post she thanked Heritage Auctions Already Barbara Zweig for making it possible.


Her photo on Instagram has already received more than one million four hundred thousand “likes” and more than six hundred thousand comments praising her silhouette.

Instagram/@Kim Kardashian

As reported by the portal Page Six In Monroe’s gold suit, the Kardashian landed a spot on many Met Gala best-dressed lists (including ours). This suit set a Guinness World Record when Ripley’s Believe It or Not! He bought it at auction for $4.8 million in 2016.

Let us remember that although the museum lent the look to the founder of Skims for the Met, he forbade her to make any alterations to the precious piece, prompting the star to lose 16 pounds on a strenuous diet and exercise regimen to ensure it would fit.

Instagram/@Kim Kardashian

Kardashian had also announced that she had a copy of her icon’s Golden Globes dress in her possession. “I think I could use that one for pizza in my hotel room,” she joked, but in the end she clearly kept her word on the outfit as the photos attest. And this one did close…goodbye diet!

Which of the two looks did you like more?

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