Kim Kardashian: The summer pandemic of hiding | Opinion

A few days ago the media echoed the extreme measures that Kim Kardashian took to “fit” into something much more powerful than a dress: a macho and superficial society that beats its chest by disguising fatphobia as health concern. Summer arrives and, with it, light clothing, sunlight, scrutiny and exposure. The season of the year of vulnerability and shame felt by many women who are caught in the loop of aspiration to be perfect. The miracle diets arrive, the absurd advice and the famous ones pointed out on the covers of the magazines for having skin with cells that group together, move and do not wrinkle. The summer pandemic of hiding, comparing and torturing oneself is here. But how good it would be to put an end once and for all to destructive messages, sidelong glances and harmful attitudes. And how nice it would be to surround ourselves with good references, stop hating ourselves, escape fear, be free and embrace with love the skin we inhabit. Because this is not life.

Safe mom. Albolote (Granada)

It is hearing!

When I started working as a French teacher in a high school in Cadiz, I noticed that the students omitted the articles in certain sentences: “my father works in the Diputación”, “Juan studies in Salesianos”, etc. Currently, in any newscast, journalists say “the president receives in Moncloa…”, “Casa Real announces…”. Also, they confused the verbs hear and listen. Hearing is the faculty that those of us who are not deaf have, I told them, while listening means paying attention to grasp what someone wants to tell us. Hence it is ridiculous to hear an explosion! But, if it says so on TV… Is it okay? And the RAE, what do you think?

Montserrat Sanchez Carrasco. Cadiz

Let’s not forget the Afghan women

Since last August, the Taliban have regained power in Afghanistan, where they have re-imposed the burqa and prohibited women and girls from studying. Enclosure in a cloak with hardly any breathing is a living death. Women have the same rights as men and we must cry out against the serious consequences of the decisions that relegate them with unjust laws, always incomprehensible and even more so in the 21st century. We must not stop fighting this degrading system.

Guadalupe Munoz Alvarez. Madrid

above good and evil

There are three types of people: the geniuses, the scoundrels and the common people. Society advances because of geniuses and normal people, the vast majority, and goes backwards because of the misdeeds of scoundrels. These scoundrels believe they are above good and evil, due to their privileged position or privileged contacts. Society has to defend itself against them: people who trade in the evil of others to enrich themselves, as with the issue of buying masks. Society has to implement a culture of frontal rejection of these immoralities, so that they believe moral jurisprudence and know that, even if they get rich and justice does not judge them, they will be marked by their dishonest acts.

Luis Mariano Moreno Ecija. Getafe

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