Kardashians TV Producer Tells All About The Heartbreaking Moment Khloe Uncovered About Tristan Thompson’s Son Of Love On Camera

A PRODUCER of The Kardashians revealed all about the moment Khloe Kardashian learned of the Tristan Thomspon love child scandal.

It was all captured on camera when the Hulu star found out that Tristan had had a child with his mistress, Maralee Nichols.

The NBA star had a child with his mistress, Maralee Nichols


Speaking to UsWeekly, The Kardashians executive producer Danielle King spoke about the moment the shocking news broke.

It turns out that no one, including Khloe, 37, and the TV crew, knew what was about to happen.

He revealed: “We were there to film something else early in the morning and the morning the news came, we legitimately happened to be there. We have that moment in front of the camera ”.

Danielle added: “We have a scheduled shoot five days a week, Monday through Friday. But that’s not always what we stick to ”.

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“Often over the weekend they write or call or say something is going on, so my crew will gather and get to whatever they are doing. It’s a pre-established program, but we also leave a lot of room for spontaneity ”.

Fans have yet to see the drama on their screens, but a preview showed Kim Kardashian, 41, on the phone with Khloe when the news broke.

Danielle reassures fans that, despite past allegations that the Kardashian family “staged” scenes, what Hulu viewers will see has been a heartbreaking affair.

“There were so many moments that we genuinely captured just because we’re almost always there,” he said.

“There is almost always a camera on.”

Khloe has previously stated that she feels “immune” to being filmed after her 15-year career in reality TV.

But nothing could prepare her for the shocking news that her 31-year-old dad had had a child with his mistress.


Fitness model Maralee, 31, revealed in December that she had given birth to a boy, Theo.

He had started a long relationship with the NBA star while he was still dating Khloe, who is the mother of his four-year-old daughter, True.

In January, Tristan revealed that a paternity test proved he was Theo’s father.

Addressing the former KUWTK, he publicly apologized: “Khloé, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the pain and humiliation I caused you ”.

In his statement, Tristan also promised his ex-lover: “Now that paternity has been established, I can’t wait to raise our son amicably.”

However, Maralee said the Chicago Bulls player has yet to meet little Theo.

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She is now locked in a legal feud with Tristan over child support payments, as she raises her son as a single mother.

The basketball star also has another child, five-year-old Prince, with his ex Jordan Craig.

Maralee gave birth to Theo in December


Viewers of The Kardashians on Hulu will soon learn more about the crushing moment Khloe uncovered


Tristan is also the father of the daughter of Good American founder True


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