Justin Bieber “has the ability to be the next Jake Paul” after secret boxing sessions

Pop star Justin Bieber has the ability to be the next Jake Paul after the Canadian’s secret boxing sessions, according to screenwriter Gregory Allen Howard. Howard is writing a film based on Ukrainian boxing legend Dimitry Salita, and singer Bieber has been suggested for a role.

The writer was able to get a glimpse of Bieber’s skills with gloves during some secret sessions and Howard was impressed with what he saw. So much so that he suggested that the Canadian follow in Paul’s footsteps.

He told Vegas Insider, “From what I’ve seen of Justin Bieber, he has the talent and skill in boxing to transition from an entertainment background to boxing.

“He has the ability to become the next Jake Paul. I’ve seen Justin spar and he has skills. I’m not telling you he’s ready to be the middleweight world champion, but he’s not bad.

“The hard thing in a boxing movie is moving like a boxer. Apparently Justin Bieber was taking lessons, he was really quite believable. There’s a little clip of him on YouTube or something. He is very credible as a boxer. “

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Justin was suggested to become a boxer.

Justin was suggested to become a boxer.

Discussing Bieber’s role in the boxing movie, he added, “We are trying to get Justin Bieber to play the character of Dmitriy. I was talking to his manager and his manager was going to be the producer of the film. So we tried Justin, but at the time it was a bit difficult because he’s in high demand.

The Canadian pop star shared a well-documented friendship with a boxing legend in Floyd Mayweather. It was widely reported that their friendship had run its course in 2017 after church pastors told him to “eliminate bad influences from his life” which apparently included Mayweather, according to TMZ.

In 2017, the boxing legend told Hollywood Unlocked: “Justin Bieber is at one point, he’s in a place right now, he’s focused on the church, he’s focused on his new team, he’s focused on the Lord and the one. what I have can not help but give him the utmost respect. To each the of him. I’m not here to be negative and speak ill of anyone ”.

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