Juana la Loca, the Britney Spears of the Renaissance

Already from the same strip of his last novel about Juana I de Castilla, Cristina will fail (Zaragoza, 1968) establishes a genealogy that links her to the daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, not because of the power she came to have or because of the neglect of History, which has passed as on tiptoe from Isabel and Fernando, her parents, until Emperor Charles who was his son. Juana is ‘La Loca’ and that is the name of the novel by Fallarás published in Ediciones B, and crazy is an adjective that has accompanied this passionate redhead, aware that to survive in social gatherings you sometimes have to force the overacting machine .

Juana is crazy, a legendary epithet imposed on him by his father and later by his son, who made her a recluse for almost five decades, because Juana was too much, bothered her plans. Cristina, a woman of today, creates in her novel a fiction in which the present and the past dialogue thanks to a woman, the Foreigner, in whom it is not difficult to recognize the writer, journalist, talk show host and activist herself. “Of Juana it was said that she was crazy with love, two concepts that it is good to review from a feminist perspective. There is her false madness with which men wanted to remove her from power, although she continued to exercise it from the Santa Clara monastery in Tordesillas and there is the idea of ​​romantic love that has persecuted all women until the 21st century & rdquor ;.

not so crazy

Juana’s madness has been perpetuated throughout the centuries and it was not until the 21st century that, thanks to the North American historian Bethany Aram, that image was revised away from the tremendous painting by Pradilla that shows her with her headdress in the wind and the Lost look. Pure romance. “After writing about María Magdalena, with whom I wanted to make the fundamental portrait of what we Spanish women marked by the Gospel are, I began to read about the queen, with whom I have explored our relationship with power. During the documentation process, the complaint of Britney Spears against his father. And I thought history was repeating itself. Because he incapacitates her, she manages her fortune and also controls her performance as queen of pop & rdquor ;.

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There are many aspects that tell us about the lucidity of a queen who inherited a good classical library from her mother, read Erasmus and, to Isabel’s desolation, was not as devout as was required of her. Despite the opinion of her father and son, neither the court of France nor that of England recognized a possible mental illness. She read a lot and argued perfectly. Juana just didn’t fit in. But she was strong enough to survive an exorcism performed on her when she was 74 years old. “Although she was never the same again. That destroyed her,” says Fallarás.

Away from the madding crowd

The queen’s option was the retired and monastic life, the one that was greeted by Erasmus of Rotterdam, who mentioned the brilliance of the women who govern from the Spanish monasteries. And that is precisely what the writer aspires to, that she confesses a bit of everything in return. “I have had three husbands and although I did not poison them like Massiel, I have not lacked desire & rdquor ;, she jokes. He says he envies Juana: “Every time I feel like more of that retired life in which you can write in peace without having to do two gatherings a day talking about nonsense, trying to seem a bit dumber and more of a clown than you really are. In recent times, I deal more and more with cultured and calm women who have changed my life & rdquor ;. The feminist “furious & rdquor; -the adjective is hers- she believes that in the face of machismo there are two possibilities: either respond with violence or move away from it. “I left Twitter and possibly I will end up leaving this Madrid threatened by Vox. From my past I would only rescue the conversations I’ve had and the books I’ve read.”

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