Johnny Depp puts the town he bought in 2001 up for sale

It has no name, it is 27 kilometers from Saint Tropez and it is a small population of the 19th century that was made famous when the actor Pirates of the Caribbean decided to buy it. Now what Johnny Depp is facing his trial against Amber Heard, the place has returned to the center of attention. The actor is trying to sell it.

But it seems like a difficult task, since for years it has been on the list of places on offer in the French region of Provence, but has not received any interesting ones.

The village is located on a plot of a few hectares and has 12 houses and two swimming pools. The place also has a gym, a church and even a restaurant and It was bought by Depp in 2001 for $55 million. He acquired it when he was married to the French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis and even dedicated himself to restoring it.

But more than the arguments in court, the reality is that Musk’s crush came in 2013 when he met Heard during the filming of the action film ‘Machete Kills’. At that time, he began courting her and they made a relationship official three years later. She was always seen on trips and some social events, framed by the first legal disputes against Depp. Only until 2017 was the courtship of Musk and Heard confirmed.

However, the love was short lived. After a year as a couple, it was revealed that the hectic schedule of both led to the relationship cooling down. But newspapers like ‘The Sun’ revealed, according to a source close to the actress, that it was the tycoon who decided to finish. In fact, the anonymous source assured that some behaviors of Amber Heard led to that decision.

Despite the speculation, the former couple has shown that over the years they have maintained a close relationship and that their breakup was not traumatic and left them on good terms. In an article in ‘Rolling Stone’ Musk acknowledged that loved Amber Heard.

“I was really in love and it hurt a lot. Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think”, contrasting the version of ‘The Sun’.

The truth is During their courtship they had some crises and separations that did not last long. Today Elon Musk emphasizes having a very solid relationship of friendship with his ex-partner and has recognized that he supports her in her legal battle.

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