John Cena reveals when he knew he would never be heel in WWE

John Cena has been one of the babyfaces most important and well-known in WWE history. The fighter was the face of the company during the PG Era, during which time he always remained on the side of the “heroes”an aspect to be taken into account in a company where practically all the fighters have changed sides at some point in their career.

Cena, however, showed that he could perfectly play the role of the villain, as we could see thanks to his character Doctor of Thuganomics. Even Vince McMahon came to consider the possibility of turning it into a heels as happened some time ago with Bret Hart, but finally it did not happen. In this way, McMahon himself is proud to have kept the fighter as a face during all this time.

The reason Cena never became heels we found it in the enormous value that his character reached, because he had become the great hero of the children. This translated, among other things, into a large volume of merchandising sales, something that would be affected if the fighter made a 180 degree turn with his character.

While being interviewed on In the Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast, John Cena discussed his character’s evolution in WWE, revealing the moment he knew the company would never make him a heels. Then we leave you with your statements in this regard, transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc:

WWE and sports entertainment walk that gray line. Everybody knows what entertainment is, everybody. But everybody wants to believe in what’s going on. They don’t ask for it, even the most iconic superhero characters, they are known for their performances, but they step aside. There is a clear difference. In WWE, the public doesn’t want that. He does not want.

And that’s what keeps them coming back and what keeps the train on the tracks. Be a part of it. So, around 2009, I was made aware that the character of John Cena would not experience a heel turn. So that allowed me to settle the issue, and I had to, or choose to dive into the nuances.”

John Cena played his last match at WWE SummerSlam 2021, where he was defeated by Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Since then, he has not reappeared in the company’s programming due to his busy schedule in Hollywood.although it is true that he has always stated that he is willing to return to WWE as a part-time fighter.

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