Jennifer Lawrence reacts to Leonardo DiCaprio being paid more than her in ‘Don’t Look Up’

The pay gap and parity in Hollywood is a fight that has been trying to break through in the industry for years. It has now been revealed that Netflix’s ambitious project ‘don’t look up‘ (‘Don’t Look Up’) has also made distinctions between its two leads.

In a report with vanityfair, The salary of the film’s star duo has been revealed, and while Jennifer Lawrence has won 25 million of dollars, his co-star Leonardo Dicaprio has pocketed 30 million. That is, 20% more than Lawrence.

Beyond its protagonists, ‘Don’t look up’ has a large cast of well-known actors such as Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Mark Rylance and Ariana Grande. However, the gap between the ‘headliners’ is striking.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, stars of 'Don't Look Up'

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, protagonists of ‘Don’t look up’ | Netflix

Jennifer Lawrence speaks out

During the interview Jennifer has broken her silence on the matter in a very clear way.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it too… Look, Leo brings more box office than me. I am extremely lucky and happy with my agreement. But in other situations, what I’ve seen, and I’m sure other women in the workplace have seen as well, is that it’s extremely uncomfortable ask for equal pay,” he acknowledges.

“And if you question something that seems unequal, they tell you that it is not a gender gap but they do not know how to tell you exactly what it is,” he adds.

‘Don’t Look Up’ is a film by Adam McKay and opens on Dec. 24promising to be one of the great titles of this Christmas.

The film tells the story of two mediocre astronomers who must undertake a huge media tour to warn humanity of the arrival of a comet that is going to destroy the Earth.

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