Jennifer Aniston’s disorder against which she has been fighting since she was 30 years old

yesbeing famous does not free you from certain health problems with which a person must deal throughout his life. One of the most common is, without a doubt, lack of sleep. It is a disorder that affects around the 40% of the world population approximately. And as much as you were Rachel on ‘Friends,’ you’re no exception. It’s what’s been happening to Jennifer Aniston from the age of 30.

In statements to the magazine ‘People’, the popular interpreter has confessed in all kinds of details when she began to sleep bad and how it has affected your personal life and your own work. “I think it started at 30, or maybe a little earlier, but you don’t start noticing the effects of sleep deprivation when we are younger because we feel invincible“, assured the actress.

At first, Jennifer Aniston admitted that she faced it as a subject that she had to accept in her life. It wasn’t until later that she was aware of the consequences of her disorder: “You realize the effects of your lack of sleep and how it affects your day, your work, the functioning of your mind and your physical“.

Sleepwalking and an incident with an alarm

As a consequence of her health problem, Jennifer Aniston admits that she suffered sleepwalking episodes, which led him to star in events of which he was not aware. “I knew I did. I was woken up by house alarms that I turned on (while I was sleepwalking). I don’t think I do that anymore, that was when I was very sleep deprived,” says the 53-year-old actress.

Over the years, Jennifer Aniston reveals that seek professional help to improve your health: “I used to be last on the list, but you really can’t meet the three pillars of health, which are diet, exercise, and sleep, if you can’t really exercise and you really can’t.” you can’t eat well if you haven’t slept well because your biological clock is completely messed up“.

To this day, the one who was Rachel in ‘Friends’, takes some measures to combat the lack of sleep. Between them, leave your phone out of the room and set a specific time to sleep. In addition, the interpreter maintains that she continues to sleep next to her three dogs.

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