James Franco’s connection with Amber Heard and his involvement in the trial with Johnny Depp

The parade of famous names that have been mentioned in the trial for defamation that they hold Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been constant. One of the most recent has been James Francoalthough its involvement in this case is not new.

There is evidence that the actor had a Romance with the actress while she was married to Johnny Depp. All as a result of leaked images in which the two stars are seen going up together and accomplices to the attic that the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ had.

In the past, Franco has already been summoned to testify about this fact in the trial that confronted Depp with The Sun. At the time, Heard assured that he showed the 44-year-old actor the wounds and bruises on her face, allegedly caused by her ex-husband.

“We were talking. He was like, ‘My God, what happened to you?’ He saw my face when I let him in. Seeing it he said: ‘What the hell?’“, she said at that trial.

James Franco in 2018

James Franco in 2018 | Getty

James Franco will not testify in this trial

At the beginning of the trial, it was reported that various stars such as Elon MuskPaul Betanny or James Franco himself would take the stand as witnesses.

However, finally they will not as confirmed by The Independent. In James’s case the reasons were not revealedeven though he could testify for Amber Heard if he claimed to have seen her bruised face.

Amber Heard in the trial against Amber Heard

Amber Heard in the trial against Amber Heard | gtres

The last reason Amber Heard mentioned James Franco

The legal confrontation continued without them and during one of the recent sessions in which Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of assaulting herthe name of the actor came up again.

The actress mentioned it again when she assured that Depp hit him out of jealousy of James Franco: “He was very angry with me for taking a job with James Franco. He hated James FrancoI hated it.” As he recounted, this incident occurred on a private plane after Johnny asked him “what the protagonist of ‘127 hours’ had done to his body.”

“Simply kicked me in the back and I fell to the ground”, he recalled. Both interpreters coincided in the film ‘Remnants of a life’from 2015.

James Franco, canceled from Hollywood for serious sexual allegations

For his part, Franco is immersed in various accusations of sexual abuse that he himself acknowledged, in part, when he confessed that he had relationships with students of a course he taught.

In 2018, two of his former students, Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, filed a lawsuit against him for sexual misconduct. In the end, the actor was sentenced to pay more than 2 million dollars to both women, while he has admitted his addiction to sex and that it was consensual although “it was not right”.

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