“It breaks my heart”: Jennifer Grey, the Dirty Dancing actress and Johnny Depp’s ex, surprised with her statement about the trial

American actress Jennifer Grey, remembered for her leading role in the iconic film Dirty Dancing (1987), talked about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heardand assured that the situation “breaks his heart”.

Gray had a brief relationship with the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean in 1989. His impression of Depp is that of a man “funny, sweet, charming, quirky, weird, so unique”as described in the interview with Rachel Lindsay, on the television program Extra.

Jennifer Gray spoke about the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

“When I hear the way you described him then, are you surprised by what you hear or see about him now?” the driver asked. “I don’t know him, I haven’t known him for 30 years,” the actress clarified. And she maintained: “All this saddens me enormously, they are people who harm each other and continue to harm each other. it breaks my heart”.

Jennifer Gray and Johnny Depp, a fleeting love that did not end well

The love between Gray and Depp was born after the actress’s representative arranged a “blind” date with the actor in 1989, when they were 29 and 26 years old respectively. Just two weeks after that first meeting, they were already engaged.

In his fresh memoirs, out of the cornerthe protagonist of Dirty Dancing assured that her ex was very jealous and that the courtship “ended up taking a dark turn” over time. “We ate, we talked, we drank Jack Daniel’s, we laughed out loud, we had smoke breaks halfway… He was ridiculously beautiful, surprisingly open, funny, quirky and sweet,” the actress recalled.

Johnny Depp and Jennifer Gray were a couple in 1989 (Photo: Vinnie Zuffante)
Johnny Depp and Jennifer Gray were a couple in 1989 (Photo: Vinnie Zuffante)Vinnie Zuffante – Archive Photos

Together they decided to adopt a dog whom they treated like a daughter. “She was our practice baby and the one who kept me great company when Johnny had to travel out of town,” Gray recounted. Over time, Depp’s behavior became erratic. “Johnny came and went every week to Vancouver, but suddenly he was getting into trouble on a regular basis: bar fights, skirmishes with the police…”, described.

Gray explained in the book that from one moment to the next, Depp started missing his flights to Los Angeles because he overslept. And that sometimes, when he returned home, he would be like “a crazy jealous and paranoid because of what I had done while he was gone”. At that time, the actress attributed her bad mood and her unhappiness to the fact that her then partner felt “miserable and powerless not being able to leave the series 21 Jump Street (Special commandas it was known in Latin America)”, he explained.

Jennifer Grey, the protagonist of Dirty Dancing, had an intense love with Johnny Depp (Photo: File)
Jennifer Grey, the protagonist of Dirty Dancing, had an intense love with Johnny Depp (Photo: File)IMDB.com

So far, neither the actor nor his representatives have commented on the matter, keeping silent while the defamation trial against another ex-partner of Depp, Amber Heard, continues. However, this is not the first time that Gray has spoken about it. and suggests that the relationship with the protagonist of Scissorhands It was fraught with conflict.

“It was like a fucking bonfire,” said the actress a while ago. “It was all like a…, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I’ve never seen a guy like that‘” he assured. “Energetically, being with him was like, ‘Oh, I’m being totally, totally compensated for the shit that I just went through,'” she said on another occasion a few years ago.

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