Is it really complicated to work with Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel could be to blame for Justin Lin’s resignation

In the past week, justin lin announced that he would leave the direction of fast and furious 10, this after directing 5 films of the franchise over 10 years. Although Lin did not specify his reasons, his departure was a surprise to Universal Paintings, who reported that he has lost up to a million dollars a day to keep filming stopped.

Regarding this problem, New YorkDaily News reported that according to an internal production source, Vin Diesel was to blame for the resignation of Lin, because supposedly the actor was late to the filming set, he did not know his lines and “appeared out of shape.” Situation for which the filmmaker made the decision to retire as director, despite the fact that this would mean losing a profit of between “10 or 20 million dollars”which would be paid for giving life to the production in question.

Interestingly, this would not be the first time Vin Diesel is to blame for the problems around a production, because as the journalist mentions Daniel Richmanthe actor are famous in Hollywood of being complicated when it comes to working, a situation for which many studios do not like the idea of ​​​​collaborating with him, which could explain in some way why he always produces his own films. And in out of focus We make a recount of the main controversies raised around the actor.

Vin Diesel

The family problem?

During the filming of fast and furious 8a person close to the production told laineygossip what Vin Diesel on several occasions delayed the filming of the feature film, this because the actor was going to various parties in remote places to which he was taken by helicopter. In addition, the source in question mentions that many scenes were filmed by his stunt double, since the physique of Diesel he was in no condition for filming.

Added to these problems was his conflict with Dwayne Johnson, who played luke hobbs in four installments of the franchise, as well as in the spin-off Hobbs&Shaw (2019), which was upset with some decisions that Diesel took as producer of the eighth installment, to the extent that it was impossible to film some scenes due to the tension between the two.

Time after, Dwayne Johnson published a message on social networks where he publicly expressed his annoyance with Dieselthis by mentioning: “Some behave like firm men and true professionals, while others do not”.

After these statements, Vin Diesel expressed that in order to achieve certain interpretations of Johnson did not treat him in the best way, this under a concept that he defined as “hard love”and in 2021 he posted a message on Instagram where he asked Dwayne “comply” with his destiny and return to the franchise for the farewell of it.

About, Johnson explained that he would not return to the franchise: “Vin and I met in person, and I told him I wasn’t coming back. I was firm but friendly, telling him that I would always support the cast and franchise, but there was no chance of him coming back.“.

Vin Diesel

More problems..

In addition to the above, a person close to the production told The Hollywood Reporter what Vin Diesel was difficult to bear during the production of Fast and furious 7since after learning about the facial replacement technology that was used to cover the loss of Paul Walker, Diesel He mentioned that they should also do the same with his person:

“Vin spent an entire day in his trailer. The next day, they waited four hours for him. He later called a meeting of studio executives in his trailer, and for two and a half hours he just told them, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ The next day, he worked himself up with doubles.”.

Despite this information, the president of Universal PicturesDonna Langley he flatly denied the problems: “This production is working with some challenges that are historically unprecedented. The creative team and cast, with Vin at the helm, have been terrific under these circumstances.”

Vin Diesel

Cinephiles and cinephiles, are you fans of Vin Diesel?

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