“I would work with Will Smith again 100%”

MADRID, 11 Apr. (CultureLeisure) –

The incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the oscar gala continues to cause a stir and leave statements by people close to the two involved. This time it has been Michael Baywho He already spoke on the subject in the promotion of his latest filmthe one who has defended Will Smithassuring that he would not hesitate to work with him again.

In an interview granted to Entertainment Weekly, the director of films such as Armageddon, Two rebel policemen (in which he directed Smith) or the Transformers saga, has once again defended the actor when asked if he would work with him again: “Absolutely, 100%. He is a very balanced guy.“.

Later, he also talked about his reaction to the famous incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock. “First of all, it was wrong, it doesn’t matter why. But when people say, ‘Oh, I could have killed him.’ a slap is different. A punch? Yes, there you can kill someonebut Will slapped him,” says Michael Bay.

In addition, the natural director of Los Angeles again brought up the subject of the ukrainian war: “Everyone is talking about this, but you know what? You think about life and it’s like ‘oh my God’. I’ve been very affected by the whole Ukraine war thing, I’ve been in kyiv and I know the mayor. There are hundreds of babies blown up and people are worried about this. I don’t know. Okay, something dramatic has happened, but I think we should be clear about our priorities“.

Michael Bay directed Will Smith in the first two films of Two rogue policemen, and in the third he appeared making a cameo. The actor, winner of an Oscar for The Williams Method, was also going to star in the fourth installment of the sagabut the project has been paralyzed after its incident with Chris Rock.

Along with this also other Will Smith projects have been affectedlike the movie deadshot or the biopic that Apple prepared about his life. In addition, the Academy announced measures against the actor.

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