I won fantasy football with Cristiano Ronaldo

I will tell you about my fantastic victory in fantasy football, a victory as unexpected as it is wonderful. I have been playing fantasy football for seven years in the legendary “Delinquentis docent” league and I can boast only one victory now in the distant 2015/2016 year with a trident made up exclusively of forwards of the provincials (probably a sign of destiny): Kalinic, Pavoletti and Eder. Trident that led me to victory and that brought with it inevitable ridicule from fellow league mates and references to the benefits brought by my bottom back which, according to them, affected the final victory. All this seasoned with a sporting hatred increased by the many gufata that I have released throughout the season.

As if I had to submit to a law of ctrapping for having benefited from great fortunes in that vintage I have sailed into oblivion for several years alternating two fifth places, a fourth place and two second places. But here comes the fun.

It is thevintage 2021-2022 and the team is named WERDER BREMER CLUB in honor of my protégé. Goalkeeping department I go on saving by grabbing Silvestri, Dragowski and Audero, I have always been in favor of the three mediocre goalkeepers to rotate as in the fortuitous year of victory. In defense I go hard considering that in my league we have the defense modifier and therefore I make sure Bremer, De Ligt, Gosens, Molina, Zappacosta, Milenkovic. In midfield I take offensive names that can do well by spending little among which Aramu and Candreva stand out. In attack comes the opportunity: I take Ronaldo, despite some rumors of the market that I judged unfounded: there were ten days to go until the end of the market, too few to start such a phenomenon, why leave at the end when he has had two months to marry elsewhere?

So it was not, within three days he was already in Manchester for medical examinations, my Fanta was definitely finished without even starting. In attack with what little I had left of credits I was insured Arnautovic, Mertens and other names which I released in the September repair auction.

In September comes the blow that a little everyone had snubbed for the competition but could not escape those who had glimpsed talent like myself: Gianluca Scamacca. With Caputo’s departure he would have had a good road to emerge and so it was. Aware of the fact that exchanges also make the difference, I grab Ciccio Caputo in exchange for Kean and credits, aware that he would have scored his goals again this year. I pick up Koopmeiners mid-season with a glimpse of a potential phenomenon by trading Messias.

And with a fluctuating first part of the season, the results arrive: 8 consecutive victories and many useful resultsJanuary auction conducted by an authentic tycoon ensuring me Beto and Cabral and also a bit of unfailing luck that has always distinguished me a little. So that I don’t miss anythingat the end of the market session which ends just before the start of the last round of challenges, I plunder the last in the standings by taking advantage of the precarious health condition of his squad and ensuring in a multiple exchange the one who had to leave a good memory of itself in the Gulf of Naples, no less than Lorenzino Insigne. I win a fantasy football three days early thinking three days after the auction that I probably would have to fight to not finish last.

It is really true that fanta will never cease to amaze me.

Vittorio – My Fantasy Football League

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