how to craft armor, swords, shields, bows and arrows

Life in Minecraft is not as peaceful as it may seem. Many enemies will try to kill you during your adventure and you must be equipped to combat every threat. Next I will tell you what you need to make everything you need for combat: armor, swords, shields, bows and arrows.

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Armor in Minecraft: protect yourself from enemy attacks

the armor will absorb some of the damage when an enemy attacks you, either from a distance or melee. As you take damage, its durability will go down. The quality of the armor It will depend on the material you used. to manufacture it. It consists of 4 pieces that you must maintain: helmet, breastplate, greaves, and sabots.

  • Helmet: x5 leather, x5 iron ingots, x5 gold ingots or x5 diamonds.
  • Overalls: x8 Leather, x8 Iron Ingots, x8 Gold Ingots, or x8 Diamonds.
  • greaves: x7 Leather, x7 Iron Ingots, x7 Gold Ingots, or x8 Diamonds.
  • scarps: x4 leather, x4 iron ingots, x4 gold ingots or x4 diamonds.
minecraft armor

Swords and shields in Minecraft: attack and defense

The shield is the first line of defense before you get to the armor. The sword is your best friend against enemies. Learning to intersperse the use of these two tools will mean the difference between life and death. Like the armor different materials can be used to create the shield and sword.

Minecraft Sword Shield

to make your first sword you need x1 stick Y x2 wooden blocks. The material you use will influence the durability and damage of the sword.

  • Golden sword: x1 wooden stick and x2 gold bars.
  • Stone sword: x1 wooden stick and x2 stone blocks
  • Iron sword: x1 wooden stick and x2 iron ingots
  • Diamond sword: x1 wooden stick and x2 diamonds
  • underworld sword: Diamond Sword x1 and Underworld Ingot x1.

As for the shield, you need x1 iron ingot Y x6 wooden blocks. To craft the ingot you need the Furnace. You can see how to make it and how it works in its dedicated guide.

Bows in Minecraft: the perfect complement

The bow was one of the most revolutionary inventions in warfare and is still in use (with improved versions). In Minecraft it is an ideal complement for keep your distance between you and your enemy In addition, it will be mandatory against enemies such as the Elden Dragon, the final boss of Minecraft.

minecraft bows

To make it you need x3 wooden sticks and x3 threads. Threads can be obtained by killing spiders. As for the arrows, you need x1 wooden stick, x1 pen (kills chickens) and flint x1 (breaks gravel blocks).

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