How nice! Carolina Cruz was excited after a great event

COLOMBIA – Caroline Cruz He has become one of the most beloved figures on national television. It has been her human quality that has led her to connect with many people. Precisely for this reason, she created a foundation called “Savior of Dreams” where she is dedicated to helping others, although inspired by her own children.

And it is that after three months of giving birth to her second baby, Salvador, the Colombian had to go through a bitter process. The boy was diagnosed with cerebrospinal fluid retention and his head began to grow larger than normal. In addition, she was born with gestational torticollis. Everything was treated on time, managing to satisfactorily improve her health.

Carolina Cruz made an emotional post

That is why a few hours ago, Caroline Cruz He published an emotional video on social networks in which he announced that his one-year-old boy had already taken his first steps without help. “Thank you for showing me strength and love on a daily basis,” she wrote in the caption. Shortly after, she reappeared in Instagram stories to share all her joy.

“I’m so excited. I have cried from the happiness, joy and gratitude of seeing Salvador walking. They are like mixed feelings because he has already walked, that makes me happy, because he is perfect and healthy, but when I see him walk I say ‘oh but he’s not such a baby anymore'”, said the well-known presenter of the program “Día a Día”.

Nevertheless, Caroline Cruz She wanted to make a parenthesis to clarify that she has become someone sensitive since she is a mother. “Don’t go out to her saying that ‘Carolina is depressed and that’s why she cries every day.’ No, I do not have depression and I do not cry every day because of what you think I cry, “she explained, showing her discontent with the titles she has read lately.

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