four great titles, including a remake and a great unannounced IP

We are in mid-May, a time of year when financial reports begin to flourish throughout the industry. We already have both Sony and Nintendo available, now it’s Electronic Arts’ turn. A great preview of future plans was unveiled yesterday.

And it is not a minor issue that the FIFA saga ends as we know it in 2023. The separation between both brands will be total, presenting a totally different sports scenario. Meanwhile, EA has pointed out that it has more projects in hand. Specifically four games of which he has not yet given any clue.

We are talking about a “Major IP”, a “Remake”, an “Associate Title”, and a “Sports Game”. All of them are scheduled for the last quarter of fiscal year 2023, which ends on April 1, 2023. According to the footer, EA makes it clear that these four titles “have not yet been revealed publicly.” To all of them we must add PGA Tour, which will be a new installment of the franchise.

Trying to break down each of the works, we could talk about the next Mass Effect or Dragon Age, both developed by BioWare, as a reference to high-caliber IP. Another possibility would be the next adventure of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, although it is not at all clear.

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What arouses the most doubts is the remake referred to by EA. The truth is that we know of the existence of Dead Space Remake, which is scheduled for early 2023. It could perfectly be the work in question, but it is striking that the company does not make direct reference to itin addition to indicating that it has not been publicly revealed.

The associated title may refer to one of those within the EA Originals program, while the sports game is more than likely indicative of E.A. Collegethe college football play.

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