Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: date, final event, map changes, leaks and everything we know

The king of battle royale continues to be talked about and after having refreshed the game by removing the construction for a long time, Fortnite will look for another change and new content in a few weeks.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is slowly approaching And if you’re biting your nails to know what’s in store for us in this new episode of the Epic Games title, perhaps here you can find the information you need to calm your cravings.


Fortnite season 2 chapter 3: Resistance, story trailer

When does Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 start?

Let’s start with the important. If we take the Battle Pass as a reference, The new season of Fortnite will start on June 4, 2022. However, we cannot take anything for sure until Epic Games officially reveals the date.

We say this because there may be a end event move that date a day or two forward or backward. Although it is a new season and not a chapter, the date could be tighter.

Fortnite Map Changes

As always happens, a new season also implies map changes and on this occasion, despite not knowing exactly the adjustments that Epic Games is going to make, some things have already been discussed.

According to a leaker, Tilted Floors could be altered by the action between IO and the 7. As indicated, the airship located above the city will crash into it, changing its layout.

In addition, it is speculated that the lake water could disappear, since submerged chests have been seen that could contain loot once we have no liquid element in the area.

New battle pass and possible characters characters

There is no official material about the season 3 battle pass but it has also been rumored that the final skin of this season pass would be Indiana Jonesthe intrepid and adventurous hero of the cinema.

Apart from this, another rumor revealed that one of the first collaborations of season 3 will be with Star Wars and will allow us get darth vadernothing more and nothing less.

About the galactic franchise it’s time to talk, since the creative director of Epic Games, Donald Mustard, has made references to C-3PO and Chewbacca. More characters on the way?

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While we wait for the news of Fortnite, remember that you can always take the opportunity to continue taking Victory Royales and fulfilling challenges of this season.

For more details, do not forget to check the news of this season 2 of chapter 3 of Fortnite and the Marauder skin. Also all the new weapons and skins of this season 2. And the solutions of the challenges of week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5.


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