EXCLUSIVE Elsa Pataky reveals one of the biggest secrets of her life with her children: “I do everything”

Readings talks with Elsa Pataky about her family and domestic routines and leaves us speechless with her latest revelation

After confessing to us that he did not plan to return from Australia and that he could no longer imagine living anywhere else than in the middle of nature, Elsa Pataky makes us onesurprising revelation that few expected from a celluloid star: “I don’t have a babysitter at home, I do everything myself.”

The interpreter and her husband, Chris Hemsworth, have created the ideal home for their three children. Involved in respectful upbringing and with attachment as the central axis of care, the family is wonderfully organized. Mother and father have reached an agreement so that it is always one of the two who is with the minors if the other has to be away from home for filming and work issues. And they manage wonderfully, to the point where they don’t need to hire outside help. “I have no babysitter. I do everything myself and I love it”Elsa Pataky confessed to Lecturas on her last visit, in which she served as Gioseppo’s ambassador.

Still, it’s not easy. Her children, as she defines them, “are very moved”, hence living in the middle of nature is ideal for them, as they can unleash all the energy they carry inside. “Here, when I go to a shopping center with them, for example, someone always says ‘you have a little hyperactive children, don’t you?’”, She tells us with a laugh. Hence, she confesses that this role is the one that “costs her the most in the world”, despite her true passion for India Rose, Sasha and Tristán.

Luckily, Elsa Pataky has the ideal travel companion. Chris Hemsworth is “a great father”, as he does not hesitate to qualify him that he is one hundred percent involved in caring for the creatures. That is why the children keep him in mind and admire him deeply, especially one of the twins who loves to go to the filming and see him in action.

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