Eugenio Derbez reveals how he lived his visit to the James Corden show

After the triumph of his film CODA at the Oscars just over a month ago, Eugenio Derbez prepares for the premiere of a new film in Hollywood: The Valet. This production, which will hit theaters in a few weeks, has a special meaning for the Mexican actor, because in it he shared credits with one of his most beloved colleagues and fellow countrymen: Carmen Salinaswho passed away last December. And it was precisely in order to promote this film that Eugenio attended -once again- one of the most successful television shows in the United States, The Late Late Show with james cordenwhich I had already attended in 2017 following the premiere of How to be a Latin Lover. “It’s about a valet, he appears in a paparazzi photo with a very rich married guy and his lover, a beautiful and famous actress… It’s a very funny storyimagine Nick (part of the show’s crew) caught with Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox”The Mexican commented on the program while laughter was heard in the forum. “It’s a very, very funny story,” he reiterated. The actor said that he already had a career before arriving on American soil, and when the audience in the studio reacted with an ovation, he joked: “My sister, my cousin, my family, thank you,” he said, referring to those who applauded . “When I did my television programs, I was famous in Mexico, but nobody knew me here”, he said, and recalled that a startup was unsuccessful in his meetings to start new projects in the United States. And then he revealed an anecdote related to The ValetWell, he said it was precisely a valet who recognized him in a restaurant, giving him the attention of a celebrity, something that the rest of the staff also did, while the clients even asked for photos without knowing who he was. “My agents said: ‘We need to change our strategy. From now on no more meetings in studies, you will have to meet everyone in a restaurant'”, narrated. “It’s a great plan,” Corden said. Excited, the interpreter shared a few glimpses of his time in the program, which was also attended by the actress rebel wilson. In turn, she showed the memories he left on the forum: his photo on a wall full of celebrity images, as well as his signature; all this undoubtedly became one more proof of the moment of fullness that she lives in her career. Click below to see how he lived this unforgettable experience.

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