easyJet recreates iconic ‘Top Gun’ scenes with girls

Girls “steal” Tom Cruise’s role in “Top Gun” in an easyJet campaign that recreates iconic scenes from the film.

A recent survey of easyjet reveals that 79% of Britons believe that Hollywood films perpetuate gender stereotypesoy limit the professional aspirations of the youngest. Following this line, 85% of British parents affirm that there is a misconception that piloting is for men and almost half of the women, 45%, acknowledge that they had never considered the option of occupying this role.

As a result of these data, the airline has launched a campaign in Europe to combat stereotypes that surround the industry and inspire young talent to value a career in the world of aviation.

In the piece, with the name «Calling all Mavericks«, a reinterpretation of the 80’s classic is made top gun. This blockbuster movie starred exclusively men.

In this way, the company has reversed the roles, with Maverick and Goose being represented by Rei Diec and Hoohee Ridingtonseven and ten years old, respectively. Both are accompanied by a cast made up of cabin crew, engineers and operators, all of them children of easyJet staff and between seven and twelve years old.

easyJet recreates iconic scenes from ‘Top Gun’ in its action

the short film recreates some of the iconic scenes from the film, including Tom Cruise on a motorcycle. The video shows Rei, in the role of Maverick, driving her bike to the easyJet Aviation School. Once there, Maverick and Goose meet up with seven-year-old Elizabeth O’Brien, who reenacts the role of Kelly McGillis’ Charlie in the class.

The action responds directly to the figures obtained in the survey, but also to the fact that only there are 6% of women pilots worldwide. In addition, it coincides with the arrival in theaters at the end of May Top Gun 2which for the first time has a female pilot in the main role.

Hence easyJet has set itself the purpose address the gender imbalance in the sector. It has doubled the number of female pilots in its workforce since 2015. In fact, ‘nextGen easyJet’ is the airline’s commitment to having a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.

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