Cut out dresses: perfect to show off your abs, Letizia’s words

Letizia Ortiz It certainly reminds Lady Di, as they have transformed the dress codes of royalty. This time, the queen consort leaned on cut out dresses to prove that princess designs are not the only ones that make up the royal wardrobe.

The queen consort of Spain, Letizia, has become a style icon. His image has been marked by the midi skirts which links to stilettosthe pants cropped What does he wear with espadrillesand the dresses low cost which he shows off at renowned events. Firms like Mango and H&M are part of their repertoire, perhaps coincidences of fate will take you to the same place as the Spanish one looking exactly the same. Their modern and functional aesthetics makes it effortless to set sail at trends of the moment, without moving away from the elegance that characterizes it. Today we enjoy a fashion statement never seen before, where he opted for a risky piece.

Eva Fernández, head stylist of the Queenhas managed to mark a much fresher and rejuvenated style, where Spanish brands have maximized their wardrobea gesture that is worth more than a thousand dresses. The latest looks of the royal have given much to talk about, but this design that we would never have imagined that it would take has been a complete success.

Queen Letizia takes a risk with a cut out dress

Queen Letizia opts for a fuchsia-colored cut-out dress.

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