Croatia accused of plagiarizing Taylor Swift

Mia Dimšić brought the song Guilty Pleasure to the stage: however, many have noticed a certain resemblance to Willow, the success of the American pop star

Eurovision Croatia

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After a long wait, on the evening of 10 May theEurovision Song Contest 2022 it has finally begun. For the first semifinal of the competition, the PalaOlimpico stage in Turin hosted the first 17 artists in the competition. The performances brought energy, emotions, colors, but also some to the stage controversylike the one that overwhelmed Croatia and its representative, Mia Dimšić.

Mia Dimšić and the accusations of plagiarism

The Croatian delegation, represented by the 30-year-old Mia Dimšić, was in fact accused of plagiarism. Many have noticed that Guilty Pleasurethe piece brought by the young artist to Eurovision, looks a lot like Willowgreat success of Taylor Swift. The controversy has arisen above all on the web, where many users have pointed out how the sounds and melody of the Croatian song are reminiscent (perhaps too much) of the song of the American pop star, even if the rhythm and the keys are substantially different. Up Twitter Taylor Swift fans, and more, went wild with the comments: “The song of Croatia seems to be written by Taylor Swift of the discount store”, someone wrote, or again: “But Croatia is literally a Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo groupie”.

Croatia’s response

The accusations of plagiarism have therefore become more and more insistent, until the person directly concerned has decided to have your say. Mia Dimšić has in fact explained that yes, her song could resemble the music of Taylor Swift, but it is absolutely not a copy: the sounds of Guilty Pleasure they are simply the fruit of the fact that the American pop star is one of his own reference points in the musical field. The Croatian singer then took inspiration from what she considers a real one templateespecially after listening to his last two albums, Folklore And Evermore. “The song of Croatia at Eurovision was inspired by Taylor Swift and the singer named Taylor as one of her greatest inspirations!” Blank Space on Twitter.

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