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The Fortnite Update 20.40 will be with us very soon! This new patch for the ever-popular battle royale game is set to add new features and remove some of the Star Wars-themed additions from the recent 20.30 patch. Fortunately, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about this new update.

In this Fortnite hub, we’ll be collecting all the rumors and leaks about the new 20.40 update, so you know what to expect once it’s released. On top of that, we’ll also be looking at the release date of this new update, plus a brief overview of when the server downtime will begin, with matchmaking temporarily paused.

In the meantime, check out how to complete Fortnite’s May 4th missions before they imminently disappear from the objective rotation. We also take a look at how to find the new Doctor Strange NPC, and how to play Fortnite on iPhone using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Latest news and leaks

May 10, 2022 –

The first leaks about the Fortnite 20.40 update are here, although they only confirm its existence. According to the famous Fortnite leaker ShiinaBRthe 20.40 update files are now present in the game, but have not been released yet.

However, that doesn’t give us much of an idea of ​​what this little update will introduce. The most recent 20.30 update was quite substantial, bringing back all the previous Star Wars skins, along with the Stormtrooper NPC and a few special Star Wars-themed missions.

Current rumors suggest that 20.40 will add the event files for completing new quests, and probably some loot as well.

Some players on Twitter seem to think that Stranger Things cosmetic items could return to the Item Shop along with the arrival of the new season, but we’ll have to wait and see.

When is the Fortnite 20.40 update release date?

There is only one week left to wait until the Fortnite 20.40 update. the will come may 17th at 1am PT/9am BST, with some server downtime to allow the patch to take effect.

You’ll usually need to install a small download file as well, though it won’t be too intrusive and shouldn’t take too long.

Fortnite’s bi-weekly updates since Chapter 3 Season 2 have been happening every other Tuesday, and we expect 8:40pm to be no different. As such, you will be able to see the new changes within a week.

Fortnite 20.40 Update Downtime

Yes, there will be a very short downtime on the Fortnite servers for the 20.40 update to take shape.

Epic Games takes the servers offline one hour before the update time, i.e. 12am PT/8am BST. After that, matchmaking will be temporarily closed.

Keep your eyes glued on the Fortnite Status Twitterwhich will tweet once the servers are up once again.

That’s for our Fortnite 20.40 update hub! Check back soon, because we’ll update this guide once we know more about what to expect from the update. In the meantime, check out how to get the rare Omega Knight skin, which is currently back in the Item Shop.

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