Cesaro remains on hiatus after leaving WWE

WWE fans were in for a big surprise at the end of February when WWE’s departure was confirmed. Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli). The former United States champion ended an 11-year employment relationship after he and the company failed to reach a common agreement regarding his contractual status.

Many fans are waiting for Claudio to perform his first performance outside of Vince McMahon’s company. It is of great surprise that this has not happened yet, especially considering that the fighter is not tied to some kind of no-compete clause. However, the latest report from Fightful Select would indicate that Claudius opted to take several weeks off before accepting an offer.

The news portal got to talk to a handful of developers interested in having the services of “CSRO”. Several of them received no response. by the agency in charge of the fighter. Others claimed that Castagnoli requested an extremely high sum as a base to appear in their shows. This strategy is common among certain competitors who want to stay out of action temporarily. Only one unidentified promoter confirmed fightful what hopes to bring Claudio back in July.

WWE tried to bring Cesaro back

As we mentioned above, Castagnoli’s departure made a lot of noise inside and outside of WWE. The company did not want this outcome after several weeks of negotiations, and did everything possible to keep him in their ranks as long as possible. fightful went on to mention that the agency that handles “CSRO” came to speak several times with WWE after his departurebut these negotiations did not come out of simple talks.

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