Cardi B advises Rihanna about being a mom and shows off a $300,000 watch on Instagram

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Two days ago we celebrated Mother’s Day and Cardi-B that of course she did not celebrate it simply but receiving multiple gifts from her husband, also a rapper Offsetincluding a watch valued at $300 thousand dollars. But the occasion made the singer of hip hop advise your great friend Rihanna on being a mom and what she thinks of her as a first timer.

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On Sunday Cardi-B went to dinner with Offset And your daughter culture in the city of New York. There she was intercepted by the paparazzi, who did not miss an opportunity to ask her about everything and she was delighted to answer. She of course she took the chance to talk about Rihannawho is about to become a mother allegedly of a girl with the rapper, ASAP Rocky.

In a very heartfelt and loving way, Cardi B said that motherhood and everything that implies being a mother for the first time It is something that arises very naturally and almost instinctively. He added that moms begin to know what their baby needs and even recognize the type of cry. He assured that this happened to her and he believes that with her friend Rihanna the same will happen

Rihanna She has shown off her pregnancy belly as much as she could and has been seen in different baby stores with pink clothes. This is the reason why fans and media ensure that the singer originally from Barbados is expecting a girl.

As for the rapper ASAP Rockyhe himself was recently detained at the airport in The Angels, for allegedly being involved in an incident involving a weapon. It is known that he paid bail and that his lawyers are investigating the matter.

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