Booker T believes that Finn Bálor lacks an ability to succeed in WWE

Finn Balor He is one of the favorite fighters for WWE fans, but he has never had a privileged position. It is true that he has had important ostentation, such as the Universal or NXT Championship, but it seems that he has never finished taking off on the main roster.

booker t talked about the Raw superstar in his latest “Hall of Fame” podcast, where he revealed his opinion and He mentioned that Finn Bálor lacks credibility in his promos. Booker T believes that Finn Bálor lacks that to be a top-tier star.

“Finn Balor is a hard worker and he can perform at a very high level, but he has no credibility,” Booker T said. “Take Stone Cold Steve Austin as an example. Stone Cold Steve Austin…the way he talked, the The way he walked, the way he made you feel like the guy who has a regular job at home, you know he drinks a beer on a regular basis. He can relate to a lot of different people.”

“Finn Balor goes out there and does some of the most spectacular moves you’ve ever seen. But when, say for example, when he cuts a promo it might not make you feel like he really wants to go out and kick his rival’s ass. So the guys that did promos back in the day, you know, say what you want, but when those guys did a promo on TV, and I know the world is different now, they were grown up as men, and you believed what they said What were they going to do?”

Booker T praises Rhea Ripley’s entrance to Judgment Day

“Rhea Ripley definitely has that Brood look,” Booker T went on to explain about Rhea Ripley’s entry into the Judgmnet Day stable. “Her changeup has gone down well. She’s been trying to find her balance. She’s good. She can go out in the ring and perform at a high level. I like Rhea Ripley’s movement. It’s definitely going to improve her position. put in a position where you’re going to take an active role on a weekly basis doing something.

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