Black China judge accused of discrimination, Kardashian’s lawyer says she was a victim

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4:42 p.m. (Pacific Time) – The Kardashian family’s attorney responded to China’s claims and didn’t block anything, saying China’s latest filing was “a baseless attempt to save face after appearing at trial.”

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Although China and its lawyer regretted losing the trial, they go on to say that “their attempt to sacrifice Judge Alargon is trivial, dishonest and deserving of sanctions.” They also noted that China’s lawyer had no such problem with the judge “after the arbitral tribunal ruled against his client.”

black chinese He thinks the deck was stacked against him in his fierce legal battle with the Kardashians… the judge accuses him of serious bias.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, China has charged the judge Gregory W. allergan Showing an “undeniably hostile and highly biased” attitude towards her and her lawyer.

China’s complaints echo the same walter mosley, the executive producer of “Rob & China” who testified during the trial. Walter thinks the judge He was clearly in favor of the Kardashians And he doesn’t seem to be a fan of the BC lawyer, lynn cyan.

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