Benedict Cumberbatch talks about what Will Smith did at the Oscars: “He beat me up… Not physically” | Film and Television

months have passed, but the fact that many celebrities continue to speak out about it makes it clear that it is one of the topics of the year. It’s about that fateful moment when Will Smith got up from his seat to slap Chris Rock in the middle of the 2022 Oscar Awards gala, all for a joke about his wife that he didn’t seem to like at all.

Now the last to speak about the moment has been benedict cumberbatch, who was present at the gala when it all happened. It was thanks to being the presenter of Saturday night LiveAmerica’s most popular live sketch show.

The British actor had the opportunity as part of the promotion of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessand even had some humorous video with the also protagonist elizabeth olsen. Yes indeed, His statements took place in the monologue with which he opened the program:

This first contact with the public began with a shower of applause when he mentioned his latest work with Marvel Studios, the sequel to Doctor Strange. Although he only has two films as the protagonist, the truth is that the character has spent six years purulating through the universe -now multiverse- produced by Kevin Feig.

Of course, Cumberbatch wanted to emphasize that he had also starred in other films, such as The Power of the Dog. Netflix’s western directed by Jane Campion was also very well received being mentioned, perhaps because of his multiple nominations for this year’s Oscars.

Of these, only one statuette was won, that of Best Director for Campion, although the actor also known for sherlock He was one of the great favorites to be the winner. Although as everyone knows, the award went to Will Smith thanks to his role in The Richard’s Method.

About this defeat, he has not resisted making a joke: “I didn’t win. I got beat up by Will Smith”, recounted. Before the laughter of the people, the actor pretended to be surprised and replied that “not physically”, something that made the laughter continue for a few seconds longer than expected. A reference that may be a little late, but that worked perfectly in his monologue.

Behind this, Cumberbatch continued his monologue alternating emotion and jokes talking about Mother’s Day. There he mentioned the two mothers in his life: his mother, with whom he joked that he called her “Pooki” and she called him “Benedict Cumberbatch”; Already sophie hunter, his wife since 2015 with whom he shares three children and who reproaches him for “going around dressed as a witch” and not taking care of his children. She said that she admired her work as her mother, although she quipped that if she thought that was difficult, she can’t imagine what it was like to open magical portals with her hands.

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