Benedict Cumberbatch has a controversial opinion on Ariana Grande


The Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness actor spoke about the artist’s songs. He knows what her ‘unpopular opinion’ is about the Thank U, Next singer.

Benedict Cumberbarch weighs in on Ariana Grande.
© GettyBenedict Cumberbarch weighs in on Ariana Grande.

The Internet is full of English terms that help us name certain situations. Surely you have ever read the expression “unpopular opinion”. What does this mean exactly? They are certain ideas that each one has but that they are not encouraged to share out loud since surely few share that point of view. Y benedict cumberbatchhas one of those controversial opinions about Ariana Grande.

The actor is on everyone’s lips since the latest Marvel Studios release was released last week: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Once again, the British interpreter returned to put himself in the shoes of the surgeon who becomes a sorcerer and who must stop Wanda MaximoffElizabeth Olsen. As part of the promotion of the film, Cumberbatch carried out a series of interviews, including the program Radio 1 Breakfast BBC with Greg James.

Within the show, the host proposes a segment titled Unpopular Opinion. In this way, celebrities who come to their program listen to live calls from listeners who leave their opinions, to determine whether or not they agree with those ideas. Figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe comor Paul Rudd, Zendaya, Tom Holland or Jake Gyllenhaal They have had their time on the show, but now it was the turn of the protagonist of Doctor Strange.

“I can’t understand Ariana Grande when she sings”noted a listener named Alex. Automatically, Benedict Cumberbatch assured: “She is an extraordinary vocal artist. Someone showed me her music and I became a huge fan. I think she has such pure talent that she’s amazing. She can hold notes very well”. Then, they played some fragments of the artist’s songs such as problem with Iggy Azalea positions either breathin.

Thus, both Cumberbatch and Greg James discovered that -although they did not notice it due to the habit of listening to the songs- it was true that some phrases were not very clear. “I know what you mean. I feel my 45 years when sometimes I’m listening to a song and I need to look up the lyrics because I don’t understand a word. I think I could join your unpopular opinion, it’s good “the actor concluded between laughs and making it clear that he admires the talent of Ariana Grande.

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