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According to fans, it would be another, yet another, photo editing. And on the web nothing else is talked about because many jet set characters are constantly looking for physical perfection. Kim Kardashian, this time, he may have exaggerated with the tweaks and there was no lack of criticism. Her followers, more sharp than ever, practically attacked her. Without compromise.

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In the latest photos, the Kardashian shows herself to poolside with sweatpants and lingests of his brand. Obviously she is super sexy as always, but the followers do not miss some details: the first is linked to the need for perfection that has always characterized Kardashian and the second has to do with the navelwhich was blatantly deleted from his physique. It almost seems like a slip, an excessive retouching.

The criticisms of the fans are not lacking. “I didn’t know your navel was that low.” And then again: “You forgot something about your stomach” or “The navel has left the conversation”.

Kim Kardashian’s reply comes right away, within minutes. “I didn’t realize how much you liked my Photoshop posts. If you liked this, I have many others ”. The model admits that it is a photo editing. Excessive, strange. But true. Followers are always very attentive to what happens on the Net, which is why many superstars have to be very careful when posting retouched photos. Because, as often happens, there are always out-of-town programs around the corner.

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