Amber Heard freaks out when Johnny Depp approaches her on trial

This week it was the turn to declare Amber Heard in court for defamation with Johnny Depp; In this way, the actress has recounted the various moments in which she was victim of abuse by the actor.

So, after she finished her statements there was a little break in court, so Heard stepped down from the dais and Johnny Depp headed for the exit so he could leave the scene.

For this reason, both actors met a few steps away, which caused the actress to jump a little, step back and show a scared face as soon as he saw Johnny, which was noticed by the guards.

In this way, they both stretched out their arms so that the actor will not pass and stop, so Johnny Depp stopped walking and turned to find out what had happened; so seeing Amber Heard he shrugged her shoulders indicating that he didn’t understand.

This awkward moment was seen by various people who follow the live trialsince it is being televised, so it quickly went viral and divided opinions on the internet.

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This, because some people pointed out that it was logic the way Amber Heard acted after reliving the times Johnny Depp had beaten or sexually abused her.

However, others pointed out that she he is lyingWell, on other occasions he has been close to the actor and had never been shown in this way, and they even shared another video in which Amber passes in front of Depp and stares at his defense.

Throughout this session, Amber Heard reported that the actor I would have hit her because he was jealous of James Franco, which even caused the actress to cry during her statement; In addition to this, he also spoke about another occasion in which the actor attacked her with a bottle.

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