Alexis Ayala wants to look as good as Tom Cruise

With the recent visit of Tom Cruise to Mexico City, Alexis Ayala56, spoke to the cameras of ‘Hoy’ that his girlfriend, Cynthia Aparicioasked him to do his best to look as good as one of the favorite hollywood hunks.

At the request of his young girlfriend, who is 28 years younger, the actor said he is trying his best to look like Tomin addition to discussing that all men should take care of themselves, because looking and feeling good is not something exclusive to women.

Cynthia told me, you have to wear the same thing that he wears, so there we are seeing and yes I put my creams and everythingmen have to take care of ourselves just like women, take care of yourself, it’s not about gender, it’s about health” he expressed.

Telenovelas by Alexis Ayala

He added that part of his personal care is based on the fact that he has learned that looking good is part of his well-being, so he takes care of himself as well as possible; “Seeing you well, seeing you healthy, treating you, that is, you have to like yourself, you have to love yourself, like yourselfSo we all have to take care of ourselves.“, he talked.

In turn, the heartthrob of telenovelas such as ‘Abismo de Pasión’ ‘Lo Que la Vida Me Robó’ ‘La Sombra del Pasado’ among others, said that mental health is essential for a person’s well-being, in such a way that it has taken therapy to move forward from certain difficult episodes in his life.

Alexis Ayala

The actor meets the recordings of the telenovela ‘Vencer la Ausencia’ from the successful saga ‘Vencer’, by the hand of Rosy Ocampoand took the opportunity to talk about How have you overcome the absence of your loved ones?In addition, he said he felt better than ever because this project saw the light.

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