Adam Sandler has been dominating the pandemic style since before COVID


One thing that comes to mind when we think of celebrities is the way they dress. Like the original “influencers” (before it became its own term), stars have always been known to wear clothes from top designers or employ stylists, or have enough to put together a look.

But, not all celebrities are the same. There are some very successful ones who dress like the rest of us. Actor and comedian Adam Sander is clearly one of those regular dressers.

Fans have always been curious: Why does the funny man dress the way he does? He reads on to find out everything we know.

Why does Adam Sandler dress the way he does?

Fans have noted over the years that Adam seems to live in basketball jerseys and shorts or cargo shorts. And while we can’t say exactly why he dresses that way, the topic has certainly come up in interviews before.

In a 2014 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he was asked what he was wearing.

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Adam Sandler at the ‘Uncut Gems’ screening at MOMA in 2019

“I know you have a movie premiere and I like this about you, don’t get me wrong…what are you wearing right now?” Jimmy asked Adam. At the time, he was wearing a button down shirt with what appeared to be a windbreaker jacket. After laughing, Adam said that his outfit wasn’t bad. “My wife bought me this at Banana Republic,” he said, speaking of the jacket she was wearing.

But this isn’t the only time Jimmy called Adam about his wardrobe. In a 2019 interview with Jimmy, as soon as Adam said “hi,” Jimmy replied, “What a great outfit that is.” Adam then explained that he has two pairs of the same dark red corduroy pants. Later, Adam said that he wishes he could get dressed, but that he doesn’t like to feel restricted in his clothes and that’s why he wears so many baggy clothes.

Is Adam Sandler secretly the best dressed person in Hollywood?

Although there are many people who may find Adam’s clothing choices questionable, there are also many who love it. In fact, in 2021, Vogue called him a “fashion icon.” Here, they called him “the unofficial ambassador of pandemic style” because, at the time, many people had felt comfortable wearing his comfortable clothes; dressing to impress at the office seemed to be a thing of the past.

Fortunately for Adam, he doesn’t have to worry about how he dresses. According to USA Today, he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Celebrity Net Worth points out that not only does he have a net worth of $420 million, but he also earns $20 million per movie. If his wardrobe doesn’t get in the way of his money, we can understand why he has his focus elsewhere.


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