Adam Cole reveals the difference between the creative team of AEW and WWE

After being one of the most important superstars in NXT in the stage commanded by Triple H, Adam Cole decided to change the scene and go to All Elite Wrestling last summer. Since then, the fighter has had an outstanding stint in the company of Tony Khan, coming to aspire to the Adam Page World Championship on several occasions earlier this year.

Now, Adam Cole has been interviewed on the well-known Busted Open podcast, and has been able to talk about the creative differences between WWE and AEW and their relationship with their new boss.

The differences between working in WWE and in AEW

“Personally, the biggest difference by far is the fact that I can travel and spend more time with Britt Baker. There was a time there where I felt like I was seeing it once every week and a half because our schedules were so different. Now we’ve gone from barely seeing each other and FaceTime a few minutes after a match so she can tell me she’s okay, to actually being able to get behind the curtain and give her a hug and talk to her directly. Being able to travel with her has been incredible. So, personally, it’s been fantastic.

A creative levelI would say that clearly the biggest difference is that NXT had several hands on it, which is wonderful. It’s a great learning experience. When you see guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, they have an exact vision of where they want to go, what they want the promos to sound like, and what they want us to say. Then, as time went by, I got more freedom to improvise, whether it was in promos or in fights, because they started to trust me.

With AEW, from the beginning, nobody has given me a script for a promo. Nobody has told me directly where they want my fight to go. You have the creative process and the freedom to do things however you want, especially if you are someone they trust. Fortunately, with AEW from the beginning, I have had that confidence. So I would say they definitely give you more to play with and use your creative flair to approach things the way you want.”

Her relationship with Tony Khan

“I was able to meet Tony a little bit before he started working with AEW, when I was going to his Night Trip parties or going to see Britt. I was able to meet him and talk to him and everyone. And he was always very friendly, very nice guy.

But ever since I’ve been working with him, I feel like anytime of the night, anytime of the day, I could text or call him. Even if I can’t catch him right away, because he’s a very busy guy. I know that he will make a hole in his agenda and will call me back.

His passion for wrestling is so contagious that you can’t help but get excited. Whether it’s getting you ready to do something or just getting ideas back and forth, he’s very open to different ideas. At the end of the day, he is someone who loves wrestling with all his heart and soul..”

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