Zoé Robledo unveils an X-ray of Health in hospitals in 15 states

The director of Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Zoe Robledoannounced that as part of the Health Plan, a diagnosis was made in 15 states.

The X-ray carried out detected “the lack of 33,020 health workers in 15 states”, including stretcher bearers, specialists, nurses, kitchen staff.

The foregoing is the result of the survey on infrastructure, equipment and personnel that was carried out in accordance with the objective of the IMSS Welfare, under the premise of the full right to medical attention and free medicines for those who do not have social security.

The initial part was going to the hospitals where it was possible to verify “the lack of first-level equipment that goes from diagnostic kits, the state of refrigerators, steam sterilizers, stethoscopes, portable manometers.”

In addition, the lack of “5,705 anesthesia machines, red cars, cribs for newborns, X-rays, clinical beds” was mentioned.

The director of the IMSS said that the goal after this diagnosis is to have “347 hospitals for those without social security, 7,033 first-level units and the hiring of 46,043 health workers,” already in total.

On the other hand, he highlighted the changes that have been made in Nayarit with the federalization of the health system.


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