WWE could choose not to unify the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles

After WrestleMania, Los Uso and RK-Bro were embroiled in a feud that would end at WrestleMania Backlash with the unification of the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. However, WWE decided to change plans to add Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns to the matchup and scrap the unification idea. Last night on RAW, Randy Orton and Riddle made their appearance and assured that they still want to unify the titles, something that misled some fans. According to Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, WWE will schedule the unification match, although it would not necessarily unify the Championships. These were his words:

“Well, this is what I have been told. They are going to fightbut, right now, although they told me that this could change, they do not plan to unify the Championships actually. They are simply planning to do the match.

So I don’t know if that means there will be another intervention and will end in disqualification. Of course, they can change their minds, but right now they are planning to hold the match. I assume it will be on the next PPV, although I’m not sure.”

Therefore, the most possible thing is that the fight between Los Uso and RK-Bro ends up being celebrated, however, the result would not be clean, and both teams would retain their championships.

In any case, the issue of the unification of championships is a sensitive issue that has created some controversy and confusion among experts and fans. Some of them believe that the union of the titles would affect the brands, and the level of the programs would drop, similar to what happened between 2013 and 2016. Others believe that with a smaller roster than in the past, it would make sense to put together brands and some of the championships. At the moment, WWE has indicated that it will not opt ​​for a total separation of brands, but the situation could change in the future.

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