Will Smith needed Jada Pinkett present on the set to be able to kiss his co-star in ‘Seven Souls’

It is no secret that marriage between Jada Pinkett Y Will Smith go through a bad time. Will Smith’s Slap to Chris Rock after the joke that the comedian made about Jada Pinkett could have jeopardized this marriage of more than 20 years.

Some sources close to the family spoke of crisis between the two, but they did not specify further. None of those involved in the Oscars incident have spoken clearly about it. Chris Rock said in one of his comedy shows that he won’t talk about it until he gets paid.

Jada Pinkett, meanwhile, referred to the tense moment in your program of Facebook Watch ‘Red Table Talk’, where he said his family was going through a deep recovery: “Some discoveries from our recovery will be shared at the table when the time comes.”

And obviously, Will Smith has not commented on what happened beyond his public apology to Chris Rock. The last we know about the actor is that is located in indiawhere he could be seen at the Mumbai airport. The reason for your trip would have been spiritual to practice yoga and meditation with a famous spiritual guru.

We do not know what outcome the tensions will have after the Oscars incident, but what is clear is that, as a result of what happened, there have been many lThe episodes between Jada Pinkett and Will Smith that have been releasedor have been remembered.

One of them starred the actor with Rosario Dawson in 2008, when they were shooting the movie ‘Seven souls’. The actress told Vulture on her day how difficult it was for her to shoot some scenes with Will Smith because in this she was embarrassed to kiss him. As Dawson commented, Will Smith ended up taking his wife to the studio to feel more secure: “I wanted that Jada was on setand she cheered him on with the scene, and she supported me as well.”

Rosario Dawson and Will Smith in 'Seven Souls'

Rosario Dawson and Will Smith in ‘Seven Souls’ | Columbia Pictures

Will Smith also spoke to Collider back in the day about the scenes that cost him the most to shoot in that film, assuring that it was a problem with his education since he was a child: “With the subject of love… My grandmother was very firm about it, and also my mother, about how a man should treat women“.

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